Oh My Monday!

Greetings my sparkly little love monkeys!

Less than 24 hours until Cat O’ Nine Tails is released unto the world like a mighty pirate galleon!

That’s right! It is finally time to GET YOUR PIRATE ON!!

Everyone WOOOOO with me…


When Orrin and his brother Kale are hired by Queen Winifred to hunt down Aeron and her band of miscreants, Orrin never dreamed he’d fall in love with the beautiful she pirate, or the kind, accepting people of her island hideaway. As they grow closer, Aeron reveals her jaded past with Queen Winifred to Orrin; he doesn’t hesitate to offer his help to bring Winifred’s evil reign to an end. Aeron and Orrin soon discover that the strongest weapon in their combined arsenal is the love they have for each other.

You can get your very own copy over at Omnific Publishing!

Do you want your copy signed? No problem, I’m working on bookplates as well as signing up over at Kindlegraph so you can even have your e-book signed, isn’t that cool!

And, over the weekend I got and incredible review from Miss Mandy of Twimom101 Book Blog as well as a fun little segment with her, my Top Ten! Thank you so much Miss Mandy for all of your support ❤

I have a feeling there is more I want to say, but I’m drawing a complete blank! It could be because I only got a couple of hours of sleep last night. Excited much? Okay, I also watched a scary movie and sat in the bathroom for a good fifteen minutes trying to work up the courage to go back out into the dark of my bedroom. I’m a big chicken, I admit it.

However I promise as soon as I remember what else I wanted to say or if anything super exciting happens before midnight EST I will pop back in and let my love monkeys know!

Until next time,

Patty ❤


Happy Friday: 4 More Days!

Happy Friday my sugary little love monkeys! Did you wrap up this week and ship it off to Outer Mongolia never whence to be heard from again? You’re frick frakkin right you did!

Can you believe it? Only 4 more days until Cat O’ Nine Tails is released into the big bad world for all to see!


Ahem, sorry about that, I had a wee bit of a freak out moment just now.

So, guess what I have in my hot little hands right at this very moment?


Say it with me everyone…



I’m so proud of my SWAG I want to drop them from planes so everyone can have them! Of course I’m not going to do that because a) it would cost a buttload of money and b) I think if I did that, they might put me in one of those pretty white rooms with the rubber walls 😉

A couple of things, Cat O’ Nine Tails has her first review from our dear sweet Miss Julie over at A Tale of Many Reviews! And there is a second review in works from the delightful Miss Mandy over at Twimom101 Book Blog!

Also, there will be an interview from Miss Julie next week as she is having her Blogaversary so check on over at A Tale of Many Reviews and see the goodies she will have available up for grabs INCLUDING a signed copy of Cat O’ Nine Tails and some of my awesome SWAG!

AND, be sure to check in over with the official Omnific Blog on Monday for a fun little interview from Yours Truly.

AAAANNND, don’t forget to sign up over on Goodreads! We are giving away not one but TWO copies of Cat O’ Nine Tails and that will be open until Sept. 8th, to be sure to get over there and enter!

One more thing before I let you go, don’t be worried if you can’t get to my blog at some point in the next couple of days or so, we are working on getting my bran spanking new website up and running and all of our ducks in a row that go with that. HA! I say “we” like I have absolutely anything to do with it other than saying “Okay, that’s pretty, I like that one” the “we” in question is The Divine Miss Mindy Milburn and her partner in crime The Nerdolicious Mister Christopher Shiner, they are the master minds behind the beautifulness that will be my website!

And now I must leave you my gorgeous little love monkeys, go forth and have a great weekend, I will because I am going shopping! WOOHOO for shopping!!

Stay tuned for Oh My Monday on Monday!

Until next time,

Patty ❤

Oh My Monday!

Greetings my beautiful little love monkeys!

This morning started with a performance from our family Drama Llama, otherwise known as Thing Two. But I flat-out REFUSE to let that dictate how my week will go. Of course, having said that Murphy and his proverbial Law will most likely take a huge chunk out of my ass, or at least try to 😉

But enough about that, guess what? On Saturday lovely Miss Julie over at A Tale of Many Reviews did a little video teaser and guess what one of the books was that she teased about? YEP! CAT O’ NINE TAILS!! Can you believe it? She has been such a huge supporter of Cat O’ Nine Tails and all of Omnific Publishing’s works! Head on over and take a watch here.

So, if you tuned in on Friday you saw the SWAG that is going to be available and also don’t forget to sign up for one of the two copies of Cat O’ Nine Tails over on Goodreads!

Alrighty, so back to the last two reintroduction!

Today we have Maura Sullivan…

She’s shy and quite, but there is more to the blushing young maiden than meets the eye. Sometimes the most seemingly docile creatures turn out to be the most deadly.

And our villainess! Queen Winifred…

She rules with an iron fist and lets nothing stand in the way of what she wants. Nothing!

Da, da, duuuuuuuuun!

Well, that is all for now my loves! Stay tuned for Friday for your Happy Friday post and one more thing before I give you back to your day…


Not gonna lie, I’m equal parts excited and scared to death LOL!

Have a good week lovelies!

Until next time,

Patty ❤

Happy Friday: The SWAG!

Happy Friday my cheeky little love monkeys! Did you sneak up on this week like a ninja and beat it into submission with your love monkey nunchucks of domination? You’re frakkin right you did!

It’s back to school week in the SCV and praise be to all that is holy all my children survived the summer! YAY for restraint on my part because I’m not gonna lie, they tried my patience to the last thread. God love those kids and so do I, but I hope to shout they were liked to drive me batty!

Now, you might be wondering to yourselves, “Patty, I’ve heard the term before, but what the heck is SWAG?”

It’s simple, Stuff We All Get, SWAG! Unless you are one of my cheekier love monkeys and you might know it as S*@t We All Get, which is how I know it 😉 SWAG are the little bits and bobs that get handed out for various reasons. For example, at Comic Con, there was a ton of SWAG in the way of pins, cards, posters, bags, magnets, tattoos and on one occasion tee shirts!

So, what kind of SWAG will be available to my special little love monkeys? Remember on Monday’s post when I told you about the Romance Trading Cards? Yep, that’s right! Yours truly has come up with 6 trading cards for 6 different Cat O’ Nine Tails characters!

Here is the front of the cards…

And the set of 6 includes…

Pretty aren’t they? I just sent the images off to the printer so fingers crossed I didn’t screw anything up!

In addition to the trading cards there will also be an awesome bookmark!

The front…

And the back…

Micha did such an amazing job with the bookmarks! And not to toot my own horn, but I did the trading cards. Okay, maybe just a one little toot 😉

Now, how do you get these? Simple, come out to an event (and there will be events) and you can get them from me there or if you aren’t anywhere near where said events are being held I’m sure we can come up with a way to get them out to ya via the awesome website my dearest friend, The Divine Miss Mindy, is creating for me. I’ve seen the mock-up and it is beautiful 😀

Well, that’s all I have for you this week, only 11 more days until Cat O’ Nine Tails release! Want to read little tid-bits? You can see a quote a day on my Facebook Page and on my Twitter

Also, you can head on over to Cat O’ Nine Tails Goodreads page and enter to win not one but TWO copies up for grabs!

Have a good weekend my sweet little love monkeys and please stay tuned for Oh My Monday! on Monday!

Until next time,

Patty ❤

Oh My Monday!

Greetings my squishy little love monkeys!

Tis a good week for your little mama monkey! Why is that you ask?


Not that I don’t love my youngins, but good gravy, mommy needs her mommy time man.

So, have you been checking in on my Facebook page or Twitter for your daily Cat O’ Nine Tails quotes? Easiest way to make sure you don’t miss them is to “like” my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. The links are to the left, under my goofy little picture, but I’ll make it even easier for you because I love you just THAT much! Just click the little buttons below…

Also, I’ve been hard at work creating something fabulous for you, Cat O’ Nine Tails Romance Trading Cards! That’s right, Romance Trading Cards are all the rage with romance fans and so I thought I’d throw my cards in the ring! Check out the Romance Trading Card site and see who else has cards! As soon as mine are up and running I plan on sending them over there to be added 😀

Okay, onto re-introducing you to some of my favorite characters! Now, last week I brought you back to Aeron and Orrin, our heroine and hero but I have brand-spanking-new photos so not only am I going to re-introduce you to two characters but I’m also going to show you the new Aeron and Orrin photos!

Alrighty, first let’s do the re-intro, shall we?

First I have for you Orrin’s younger brother and first mate, Kale Walsh…

He’s a wickedly beautiful ladies man who seduces women for sport, leaving a trail of very satisfied women and the occasional very angry husband in his wake. He’s a rake and he loves it, but is that really all there is to him?

And next let’s take a look at one of our royals, Prince William…

The young prince is unsure of his place in the world and tends to follow his heart, all the way to Aeron’s island and part of her crew. But what happens when her affections are stolen away from him by pirate hunter Orrin?

And now, the pretty new photos of our leading lady, Aeron Lynch and Orrin Walsh…

YEOW! Dang they are pretty, pretty people aren’t they?

Well, that is all I have for you today my darlings, please stay tuned for your Happy Friday post and be good little love monkeys this week!

Until next time,


Happy Friday: The Trailer Is HERE!

Happy Friday my starry little love monkeys! Did you grab this week by the short hairs and make it bend to your will? You’re ramalamadingdong right you did!

Do you like the new look to my blog? If you’ll take a gander to the left you’ll notice a little widget for not one but TWO giveaways, via Goodreads! WOOHOO! And don’t forget to head on over to Goodreads and friend/fan me!

Guess what found its way into my inbox this week? Well, if the title of this blog is any clue (subtle as it is) you know what I found!


*cue the wave*


And just in case you can’t see the embedded video, you can go right to it here and see it on YouTube

I’d like to give props to my homegirl Traci and the amazing folks over at Omnific Publishing for working their magic and giving me such a lovely piece!

Also, make sure to checkout my Facebook Page/Twitter  for your daily Cat O’ Nine Tails quotes!

Well, that’s all I have for you today, please stay tuned for Monday when I will re-introduce you to two more characters! Have a fabulous weekend my darlings and be the good little love monkeys that I know you are 😀

Until next time,


Oh My Monday!

Hola my dandy little love monkeys!

So, a bit of news, I had my first official interview today with Mark Archuleta at KHTS AM1220 Hometown Station! Not gonna lie, I was nervous as HECK! I made sure I cursed up a storm before I got on the call so I wouldn’t swear at the guy as the nerves tend to make me curse like a sailor. Okay, so I curse like a sailor anyway, but the nerves make it worse. You can read the interview here and hopefully I didn’t sound like an illiterate dillhole.

Also, starting today, I will be Facebooking/tweeting a quote from Cat O’ Nine Tails everyday until its release on August 30th, so make sure you check that out for a bit o’ the pirate 😉

Alrighty, as promised I am back with a bit of re-introduction to Cat O’ Nine Tails cast of characters! We are going to start with our two main characters, naturally! I’m sure you all remember our leading lady, the tough as nails she-pirate, Aeron Lynch…

She is a sea-faring beauty that prefers to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants, however, she doesn’t think twice about utilizing her skills with a sword when the occasion faces her.

And let us not forget our leading man, the straight-laced bounty hunter, Orrin Walsh…

Dang he’s pretty…sorry, got distracted…He is the guy that “always gets his man” but things turn wonky when his “man” is a woman that stirs feelings in him that he never thought he’d ever have, especially for a pirate.

I would also like to congratulate Tracy Beard for winning the latest e-ARC in the Sizzling Summer Author Extravaganza! Congrats girlie, I hope you enjoy 🙂

Hold onto your wee little love monkey butts because there is even MORE news!

Yours truly has made it to the official Omnific Publishing site as “Omnific’s first Historical Romance!” and later this week we will be debuting Cat O’ Nine Tails book trailer!! YAY!!

I have to say I’m truly excited about all that is happening and things are just flying by at mach 9,000, I hope you are all having fun with this as well because without all of you, I’d just be some chick sitting around in her living room talking to herself about the people who live in her head 😉

Stay tuned my gorgeous little love monkeys, I will have more goodies for you later in the week!

Until next time,

Patty ❤