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Greetings my darling little love monkeys!

Just a real quick note to let you know that my website is up and running across the world wide web! That’s right my excited little love monkeys, is on the loose!

If you would like to continue to receive email updates from me, PLEASE slide on over to and subscribe over there as subscribers I have here will not carry over 😦

Thank you so much my darlings, you are all so amazing and wonderful and I love you all so stinking much!

Patty ❤


Author! Author! Blog Bounce!

Hidey ho my darling little love monkeys! It’s Thursday and time, once again, for you to jump on your hippity hops and bounce on over to the Omnific Blog, you know you all had one once upon a time…

Some of you still have one, right Mom 😉

Anyway, hop on over and see what’s new and see who is signed up to hop along with you this week!

Stay tuned for Happy Friday tomorrow!

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Author! Author! Blog Bounce!

Hola my wonderful little love monkeys! My fantabulous publishing company, Omnific Publishing, is hosting an awesome Blog Bounce! Click on the Author! Author! button below for the ever-growing list of awesome blogs to check out and make your way over to check out some of my Omnific family’s kickin blogs! Even more deets below…

What’s the Author! Author! Blog Bounce?? Well, it’s a fun way for readers to find new authors and for authors to connect with their readers!

Authors, all you have to do is grab the icon, grab the link, make a blog post (don’t forget to include the link!), and enter your blog on our list. Easy peasy!

Readers…you have the easy job. Just follow the bounce and visit the authors. Leave a comment and let them know that you were there.

Author! Author! Blog Bounce! <—CLICK IT!

Okay my darlings, hippity hop on over and bounce along with the blogs!

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Yep, that’s right my sweet little love monkeys, Cat O’ Nine Tails has officially been released into the wilds of the world!

Click on over to Omnific Publishing to get your own copy in e-book for $4.99 or in paperback for $14.99!

Click the cover!

When pirate hunter Orrin and his brother Kale are hired by Queen Winifred to hunt down Aeron and her band of miscreants, Orrin never dreamed he’d fall in love with the beautiful she-pirate nor the kind, accepting people of her island hideaway. As Orrin learns of Aeron’s jaded past with the Queen, he allies himself with the pirate captain and her crew. Joining forces on the high seas to bring Winifred’s evil reign to an end, Aeron and Orrin soon discover that the strongest weapon in their combined arsenal is the love they have for each other.

For pre-release reviews, head on over to Goodreads and while you are there you can enter to win one of two copies up for grabs!

Thank you so much for all your love and support my darling little love monkeys, you have no idea how much that means to me! I love you all dearly!

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Patty ❤

Happy Friday: The Cover Is HERE!!

Happy Friday my sunny little love monkeys! Did you dig a hole in the sand and bury this week up to its proverbial neck? You’re ding dang doodly right you did!

Well my special little love monkeys, I’m blogging to you live from my vacation at beautiful San Clemente beach! See my tan? Yeah right, I keep to the shade like a vampire. You’ve seen my picture, this skin don’t tan, yo. I have three colors in my skin color spectrum: white, pink and red. So, needless to say I’ve been hovering under an umbrella, slathered with SPF 9,000 because I have indeed gotten a sunburn in the shade. Yeah, I’m that girl.

Seriously though, even though the above it 100% serious and true, I am having a great time with the fam! We found the greatest little diner that the owner has decided to adopt us and we are having a ball!

Well, that’s pretty much all I have this week, nothing all that exciting happened.


You poor, patient little love monkeys, I’ve teased you enough, haven’t I?

And now, without further ado, may I present to you, the cover for Cat O’ Nine Tails…

Isn’t it beautiful?!?! I mean, I may be just ever so slightly bias but, ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL?!?!

I just want to have it printed up on a sandwich board and ring one of those big old school bells whilst I wear it around town!

I would like to thank Stephanie and Micha with Omnific Publishing for doing such beautiful work, it’s like the reached inside my head and pulled out the most perfect cover art EVER! Let’s give them a big standing ovation, shall we?


Also, my sweet little nubbins, the wonderful Julie over at A Tale of Reviews has also shared the cover with the world as well as the official summary and an excerpt! Do me a solid and head over and show her some love, will you? She has been so supportive of Cat O’ Nine Tails from the get go and I can’t express how grateful I am to her and all of her support. Go forth and like her Facebook and follow her on Twitter!

Well, that’s all for me my adorable little love monkeys! I hope you have a great weekend and stay tuned for Monday when I begin to re-introduce my cast of characters! Yes, that’s right Monday!!

Until next time,

Patty ❤

Giveaway, Don’t Miss Out!

Greetings my darling little love monkeys *kisses to you all*

Just a quick little reminder for the latest Cat O’ Nine Tails e-ARC giveaway!

That’s right, head on over to Lisa Sanchez’s blog and chickadee check out my guest post over there for all the deets!



Run my fantabulous little love monkeys, run like the wind!

Until next time,

Patty ❤

Time’s Up!

Yes, my sparkly little love monkeys, the Cat O’ Nine Tails e-ARC giveaway is now officially closed.

Now, now, dry your wee little eyes, there will be another one coming at the end of the month!


I sure hope you all had a lovely time at BlogFest 2011 and stuck your monkey paws in every giveaway you could, good luck to you all!

As for my little giveaway, a name shall be drawn at random and announced this week!

Good luck to you all my amazing little love monkeys, your support means the world to me! I adore you all and wish that I could give each and every one of you a prize ❤

Stay tuned!

Until next time,

Patty ❤Heehee ❤