Late Night Update!

Well hidey ho my little love monkeys!

Yeah, it’s a wee bit late in the evening for some, but I’m a west coast gal, so it’s not too horribly late for moi 😉

Anyhoo, I just had to pop in and share a link with all of my darlings!

A Tale of Many Reviews has posted an excerpt from Cat O’ Nine Tails! That’s right, your truly has had her first big blog mention! Can a get a group squee?


I’m so excited and honored to have been mentioned, you have no idea! Miss Julie B has been a great supporter of Cat O’ Nine Tails and I am so grateful for that support, it means the world to me!

Okay little love monkeys, I just had to share that little bit with you! Also, there is some new little linky-poos on the right there—————->

There’s one in particular that I will tell you more about on Friday, so hold tight on that one 😉

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Happy Friday:The First Excerpt!

Happy Friday my cheeky little love monkeys! Did you take this week by it’s proverbial short hairs and show it who’s boss? Yeah ya did!

Well, things are going well with the trailer making! We have nailed down the music we are going to use and have a good pile of images to paw through. I know I’ve said this before, but damn do I have an awesome team in my corner! I am a lucky, lucky little author

So, now that I’m all out of pretty pictures to show you, you might be wondering to yourselves, “Self, what on EARTH could she give us for a Friday treat?”

Have no fear, like I said before, I will not leave my little love monkeys twisting in the wind. That’s just not how I roll.

Today, just for your gorgeous eyeballs, I have the very first excerpt of Cat O’ Nine Tails!

I shall now pause whilst you ooohhh and ahhhhh 😉

This bit is the first little section of the prologue and I hope you enjoy!

     In a tavern just off the docks of the small port village of Oaksbridge, Orrin Walsh sipped his ale at a corner table. He paid no mind to the drunken strangers laughing and stumbling noisily around him; his attention was on his quarry, the bloated toad of a man across the room who belched and wiped the rum off his chin with the back of his dirty sleeve. Cormac Doyle, the once semi-respectable merchant and fisherman who had found the act of piracy was a far more lucrative business.

     As Orrin watched, a large, hulking man ambled over and took the seat next to Cormac. A smaller figure passing by Orrin’s table then stumbled on its own feet and landed in his lap.

     “A thousand pardons, sir,” a gruff female voice spoke from inside the darkness of a hooded cloak, her face completely hidden in the shadows. “For your troubles,” she said as she began to paw around in his lap with a creamy white hand.

     Orrin shackled her wrist and swiftly pulled her away from his body. “Be on your way, woman,” he mumbled. “I have no time for whoring.”

     “As you please,” she said with a small curtsy and then made her way across the room.

     Taking a good swallow from his drink, Orrin watched the woman approach his bounty. She whispered in his ear and twirled a lock of his greasy hair around her finger. As Orrin took another sip of ale, he started to feel strangely lightheaded. He tried to shake off the feeling, but that only seemed to make matters worse. Orrin blinked and held on to the table as the room started to sway around him.

     Before he lost consciousness, Orrin saw the woman nod to the large gentleman sitting on the other side of Cormac, who paid for the rum and followed behind the pair as they left the tavern. As they passed his table, a lock of bright red hair fluttered out from under the woman’s hood, and Orrin could make out her red lips curled into a smile.


      The next morning, Orrin awoke in a strange bed in a room above the tavern with no recollection of how he’d gotten there. He’d only had half a cup of ale the last night, and even a tankard of whiskey wouldn’t have affected him like this. The only thing he could figure was that the damned hooded harlot must have tried to poison him last night. With a pounding head, he fumbled through his clothes and found he was less all his money and his father’s brass compass. The strangest discovery was a scarlet lip print just above his right hip.

Is your interest now thoroughly piqued? I truly hope so 🙂

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