Happy Friday: Bookplates & Other Goodies!

Happy Friday my caffeinated little love monkeys! Did you turn this week to dust and suck it up into your super vacuum of awesomeness? You’re fling-flangin right you did!

What a week! Not that anything exciting happened or anything, it’s not like I released a book…oh wait…I DID!!

Can I tell you that my dadgum face hurts from grinning like an idiot for the last 4 days? Seriously, I must look like The Joker or like I have perpetual pudding face.

Just in case you’ve been under a rock or locked in closet for the past 4 days you can get Cat O’ Nine Tails in paperback and in e-book form on both Omnific Publishing and Amazon, you can also get an e-book version at All Romance!

Now, let’s say you decide to purchase the paperback version and you think to yourself, “Self, I would really like to have this autographed, but I live on the other side of the country, how can I get my copy signed?”

I’ll tell ya! Bookplates! What are bookplates? Well, it’s simple, bookplates are like a sticky label that I sign (with a personal message, of course) and then you can stick that bad boy right on the inside cover of your book! Pretty cool huh? Not to mention, it is so much more cost-effective than shipping an entire book back and forth.  Now, I’m not just going to sign a plain old white label, not for my love monkeys, oh no! I’ve made a pretty design that will look quite lovely nestled in the front cover of your book, see…

This is actual size too! How do you get it? Easy, you can send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and I will send you your very own, personalized and autographed bookplate! How do you know where to send the SASE? Again I say easy, just leave me a comment here, your email address shows up for me only and I can email you my address. Or, you can tweet me on Twitter and I can DM you my address or you can Facebook me and I can message you OR you can head over to my Facebook and grab my email address from my info page 🙂

Now, let’s say you bought the e-book version and don’t want to be left out of that special feeling of having a book signed. Again, no worries my love monkeys I’m signed up with Kindlegraphs so you can get a personal message and a virtual autograph! All you need is a Twitter account a viola!

Also, there is a new interview with Yours Truly over on Miss Julie’s blog, A Tale of Many Reviews in celebration of their one year Blogoversary! AND we are giving away a signed paperback copy with some swag to help them celebrate so head on over and get the deets on how to enter!

ALSO, don’t forget that we are giving away two copies of Cat O’ Nine Tails over on Goodreads, there is 5 days left to enter so make sure you put your name in the proverbial hat! You can read my latest reviews there as well!

Well, that’s all for you today my darlings, have a safe Labor Day weekend and I will check in with you on Monday for Oh My Monday, so stay tuned! OH! We ran into so snags getting my website up and running, but we are working that out and I will let you know as soon as things are a-go!

Until next time,

Patty ❤


8 comments on “Happy Friday: Bookplates & Other Goodies!

  1. Kiru Taye says:

    Congrats on your new release. Did you say something about a giveaway? Will have to pop over to goodreads. 🙂

  2. Angela Miranda says:

    Hey Ms. Patty,
    Can I get your address pretty, pretty please. I would love to get a personalize bookplate from you to go in my copy of your book! I should ve getting the book any fay now. Soooooo excited!!!

  3. […] So, be on the look out for more information on both of those fun things! And don’t forget, you can get your copy of Cat O’ Nine Tails signed, deets in last Friday’s blog post here! […]

  4. […] So, be on the look out for more information on both of those fun things! And don’t forget, you can get your copy of Cat O’ Nine Tails signed, deets in last Friday’s blog post here! […]

  5. Betty says:

    Hi Miss Leever,
    Congratulations on your book. Getting to this point takes perseverance and determination. Wanting to write and actually doing it are to different things. I have a copy of your book but finding the time to read it uninterrupted is the hard part. I would like a bookplate, too.

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