Happy Friday: 4 More Days!

Happy Friday my sugary little love monkeys! Did you wrap up this week and ship it off to Outer Mongolia never whence to be heard from again? You’re frick frakkin right you did!

Can you believe it? Only 4 more days until Cat O’ Nine Tails is released into the big bad world for all to see!


Ahem, sorry about that, I had a wee bit of a freak out moment just now.

So, guess what I have in my hot little hands right at this very moment?


Say it with me everyone…



I’m so proud of my SWAG I want to drop them from planes so everyone can have them! Of course I’m not going to do that because a) it would cost a buttload of money and b) I think if I did that, they might put me in one of those pretty white rooms with the rubber walls 😉

A couple of things, Cat O’ Nine Tails has her first review from our dear sweet Miss Julie over at A Tale of Many Reviews! And there is a second review in works from the delightful Miss Mandy over at Twimom101 Book Blog!

Also, there will be an interview from Miss Julie next week as she is having her Blogaversary so check on over at A Tale of Many Reviews and see the goodies she will have available up for grabs INCLUDING a signed copy of Cat O’ Nine Tails and some of my awesome SWAG!

AND, be sure to check in over with the official Omnific Blog on Monday for a fun little interview from Yours Truly.

AAAANNND, don’t forget to sign up over on Goodreads! We are giving away not one but TWO copies of Cat O’ Nine Tails and that will be open until Sept. 8th, to be sure to get over there and enter!

One more thing before I let you go, don’t be worried if you can’t get to my blog at some point in the next couple of days or so, we are working on getting my bran spanking new website up and running and all of our ducks in a row that go with that. HA! I say “we” like I have absolutely anything to do with it other than saying “Okay, that’s pretty, I like that one” the “we” in question is The Divine Miss Mindy Milburn and her partner in crime The Nerdolicious Mister Christopher Shiner, they are the master minds behind the beautifulness that will be my website!

And now I must leave you my gorgeous little love monkeys, go forth and have a great weekend, I will because I am going shopping! WOOHOO for shopping!!

Stay tuned for Oh My Monday on Monday!

Until next time,

Patty ❤


2 comments on “Happy Friday: 4 More Days!

  1. Congratulations and I hope it goes SUPER great!!!
    Sweet Swag…Drool..


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