Oh My Monday!

Greetings my beautiful little love monkeys!

This morning started with a performance from our family Drama Llama, otherwise known as Thing Two. But I flat-out REFUSE to let that dictate how my week will go. Of course, having said that Murphy and his proverbial Law will most likely take a huge chunk out of my ass, or at least try to 😉

But enough about that, guess what? On Saturday lovely Miss Julie over at A Tale of Many Reviews did a little video teaser and guess what one of the books was that she teased about? YEP! CAT O’ NINE TAILS!! Can you believe it? She has been such a huge supporter of Cat O’ Nine Tails and all of Omnific Publishing’s works! Head on over and take a watch here.

So, if you tuned in on Friday you saw the SWAG that is going to be available and also don’t forget to sign up for one of the two copies of Cat O’ Nine Tails over on Goodreads!

Alrighty, so back to the last two reintroduction!

Today we have Maura Sullivan…

She’s shy and quite, but there is more to the blushing young maiden than meets the eye. Sometimes the most seemingly docile creatures turn out to be the most deadly.

And our villainess! Queen Winifred…

She rules with an iron fist and lets nothing stand in the way of what she wants. Nothing!

Da, da, duuuuuuuuun!

Well, that is all for now my loves! Stay tuned for Friday for your Happy Friday post and one more thing before I give you back to your day…


Not gonna lie, I’m equal parts excited and scared to death LOL!

Have a good week lovelies!

Until next time,

Patty ❤


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