Oh My Monday!

Greetings my squishy little love monkeys!

Tis a good week for your little mama monkey! Why is that you ask?


Not that I don’t love my youngins, but good gravy, mommy needs her mommy time man.

So, have you been checking in on my Facebook page or Twitter for your daily Cat O’ Nine Tails quotes? Easiest way to make sure you don’t miss them is to “like” my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. The links are to the left, under my goofy little picture, but I’ll make it even easier for you because I love you just THAT much! Just click the little buttons below…

Also, I’ve been hard at work creating something fabulous for you, Cat O’ Nine Tails Romance Trading Cards! That’s right, Romance Trading Cards are all the rage with romance fans and so I thought I’d throw my cards in the ring! Check out the Romance Trading Card site and see who else has cards! As soon as mine are up and running I plan on sending them over there to be added 😀

Okay, onto re-introducing you to some of my favorite characters! Now, last week I brought you back to Aeron and Orrin, our heroine and hero but I have brand-spanking-new photos so not only am I going to re-introduce you to two characters but I’m also going to show you the new Aeron and Orrin photos!

Alrighty, first let’s do the re-intro, shall we?

First I have for you Orrin’s younger brother and first mate, Kale Walsh…

He’s a wickedly beautiful ladies man who seduces women for sport, leaving a trail of very satisfied women and the occasional very angry husband in his wake. He’s a rake and he loves it, but is that really all there is to him?

And next let’s take a look at one of our royals, Prince William…

The young prince is unsure of his place in the world and tends to follow his heart, all the way to Aeron’s island and part of her crew. But what happens when her affections are stolen away from him by pirate hunter Orrin?

And now, the pretty new photos of our leading lady, Aeron Lynch and Orrin Walsh…

YEOW! Dang they are pretty, pretty people aren’t they?

Well, that is all I have for you today my darlings, please stay tuned for your Happy Friday post and be good little love monkeys this week!

Until next time,



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