Oh My Monday!

Hola my dandy little love monkeys!

So, a bit of news, I had my first official interview today with Mark Archuleta at KHTS AM1220 Hometown Station! Not gonna lie, I was nervous as HECK! I made sure I cursed up a storm before I got on the call so I wouldn’t swear at the guy as the nerves tend to make me curse like a sailor. Okay, so I curse like a sailor anyway, but the nerves make it worse. You can read the interview here and hopefully I didn’t sound like an illiterate dillhole.

Also, starting today, I will be Facebooking/tweeting a quote from Cat O’ Nine Tails everyday until its release on August 30th, so make sure you check that out for a bit o’ the pirate 😉

Alrighty, as promised I am back with a bit of re-introduction to Cat O’ Nine Tails cast of characters! We are going to start with our two main characters, naturally! I’m sure you all remember our leading lady, the tough as nails she-pirate, Aeron Lynch…

She is a sea-faring beauty that prefers to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants, however, she doesn’t think twice about utilizing her skills with a sword when the occasion faces her.

And let us not forget our leading man, the straight-laced bounty hunter, Orrin Walsh…

Dang he’s pretty…sorry, got distracted…He is the guy that “always gets his man” but things turn wonky when his “man” is a woman that stirs feelings in him that he never thought he’d ever have, especially for a pirate.

I would also like to congratulate Tracy Beard for winning the latest e-ARC in the Sizzling Summer Author Extravaganza! Congrats girlie, I hope you enjoy 🙂

Hold onto your wee little love monkey butts because there is even MORE news!

Yours truly has made it to the official Omnific Publishing site as “Omnific’s first Historical Romance!” and later this week we will be debuting Cat O’ Nine Tails book trailer!! YAY!!

I have to say I’m truly excited about all that is happening and things are just flying by at mach 9,000, I hope you are all having fun with this as well because without all of you, I’d just be some chick sitting around in her living room talking to herself about the people who live in her head 😉

Stay tuned my gorgeous little love monkeys, I will have more goodies for you later in the week!

Until next time,

Patty ❤


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