Happy Friday: All Aboard

Happy Friday my cheeky little love monkeys! Did you smite the June Gloom with your delightful little sunshiny selves this week? Darn right you did!

Okies my darlings, today we have official b’ness so brace yourselves. If you took a peeky-poo at the first blog mention by A Tale of Many Reviews you read that Cat O’ Nine Tails was to release in September and you may have said to yourselves, “But, Patty told us the release was in August.” *cue collective confused faces* Have no fear my sweets, unfortunately things happen that are beyond the realm of mortal control and dates change, but it’s all good! The new release date for Cat O’ Nine Tails is September 20th!

Now, no frowny faces because I have a bit of news that will cheer you right up!

Next month I will be participating in Lisa Sanchez’s Sizzling Summer Author Extravaganza! What is that you ask? It’s an extravaganza of sizzling summer author awesomeness, silly! Seriously though, authors will guest blog many with exclusive giveaways of books and swag! YAY! Free bits!!

So, I hear your wee little voices saying, “But Patty, your book isn’t due out until September, what do YOU have to giveaway?”

I’m so glad you asked my lovelies! I will be giving away an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of Cat O’ Nine Tails! That’s right my crunchy love monkeys, you, yes YOU, can be one of the very first people to get your pirate on! I’m super excited about it, I hope that you are too!

Well, I was going to leave that as your Friday treat because that is a lot  of information in one little blog, but I can’t just leave you all with nothing to look at!

So, I will introduce you to Aeron’s pride and joy, the one thing she treasures above all else, her beloved ship, The Mermaid…

She is a beautiful vessel, is she not?

She flies her colors proudly

But really, don’t you think Aeron would fly this flag?

It’s like it was made for her!

Well my darlings, I must get my hind-end in gear, I have an assload of things to do today in prep for the weekend! Gonna be having my daddy and my brother over for Father’s Day! They are great fathers, as is my amazing husband! So give the fathers in your life some love this weekend! However, as much as I love my pops, he’s still not allowed to read Cat O’ Nine Tails 😉

Stay tuned for next Friday my love monkeys and be sure to check out my new links to the right——————>

There is all my stuff, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, my publisher, Sizzling Summer Extravaganza and my sister authors from Omnific, check them out, they are some amazingly talented women!

Until next time,

Patty ❤





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