Happy Friday: How It All Began

Happy Friday my fantabulous little love monkeys! Did you round-up this week and hog tie it like you were a rodeo star? Dang right you did!

Well, it has been a wicked crazy week here in my little corner of the world. The school year is wrapping up and I swear, the fourth grade is trying to cram as many projects into this last few weeks as it possibly can and having not one but TWO fourth graders. Needless to say, I’m busier than a cat trying to cover a turd on a marble floor. Whew. At least the oldest two, the boy spawns, had their last day of school yesterday. Two down, two to go!

Yes, it’s Friday and I thought for today, I’d tell you all how I got into the genre of historical romance. So grab your milk and cookies, come and sit with me in the big comfy chair and let me tell you a little story…

Believe it or not, I’m quite the late bloomer when it comes to being a fan of the genre. My love for historical romance started in January 2007. I had just had surgery and had heard about a book on a message board I frequented at the time, Lord of Seduction by Paula Quinn.

Reluctant Bride
By the king’s order, Lady Tanon Risande is to be wed to a fierce Welsh prince. Headstrong Tanon has other ideas, and none of them involve submitting to Prince Gareth ap Owain. Yet she can’t help but notice how the ladies of the court sigh at his mere glance. And when this rough warrior sets his penetrating gaze on her, Tanon, too, wonders what it would be like to bed a barbarian.

Lady Of Desire
Gareth is determined to prove to his delectable new wife that he saves his savagery for the battlefield, not the bedchamber. He will use far more persuasive methods to lure this lady willingly into his arms-and he looks forward to trying them all. But though Gareth is a prince, he cannot offer Tanon the finery she is used to, nor can he make sure she stays safe in his untamed land. What he can guarantee her is a love unlike any she has ever known.

Well, knowing that I was going to be laid up I decided to give it a shot and I was hooked like a big ol’ fish! Then I find out that this was the third book in the Risande Series. Of course, being stuck in bed I couldn’t just run on down to the local bookstore and grab them up, so I ordered them and then proceeded to stalk my mailman via my sickbed. I damn near pulled a stitch when the package containing Lord of Desire and Lord of Temptation came. I gobbled up those books like it was the last meal they were going to disappear if I didn’t consume them fast enough! Then I find out that she was starting to write the MacGregor Series about Highlanders. HIGHLANDERS!! GAH! Men in kilts? Um, yes please!

Now, I had always written, in one form or another but never anything serious. I’d dabbled in contemporary romance, but I’d only shared it with my closest friends. But I enjoyed reading Lord of Seduction so much that I thought I’d try my hand at the historical romance genre.

Long story short (too late, I know) I had written a good two-thirds of the story and then stalled. And stalled. And then I stalled some more. In fact, I sat stalled for three years! Luckily, I’d found a new love for romance writing and after dusting off my old writing chops I thought I’d give this little story of mine another go.

Boy am I glad that I did!

In closing I’d like to say a big, huge THANK YOU to Paula Quinn for her inspiration, because if I never would have picked up that first book, I may not have ever written a historical romance of my own.

Thank you Paula!

Did you like that little tale, my dreamy little love monkeys? Make sure you stop on by Paula’s website http://paulaquinn.com/ or her twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Paula_Quinn or her Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fans-of-Paula-Quinn/336691429368?ref=ts and give her some love! (P.S. she has pretty boys to look at on her Facebook page 😉 )

That’s all from me, my darlings! Have a safe and happy weekend and stay tuned for next Friday when I will have something special cooked up just for you! Until then stop on by Facebook or Twitter or even just the little comment box below and say hello, I just love hearing from my love monkeys!

Until next time,

Patty ❤

P.S. I’m ANXIOUSLY awaiting Tamed by a Highlander, the third book in the Children of the Mist Series, coming July 1st!

All book quotes from http://paulaquinn.com/

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4 comments on “Happy Friday: How It All Began

  1. Paula Quinn says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Wow, I’m honored to have inspired you! Keep writing! I stalled plenty of times but the writing bug is hard to ignore and in the end it’s worth it 🙂 I wish you all the very best!

  2. mindymilburn says:

    I just love you! I didn’t know this story at all so thank you for sharing it and I am super happy she commented on your blog, that is just lots of awesome!!

    You just amaze me everyday!

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