Happy Friday Introductions!

Happy Friday my little love monkeys! Was this week good to you? Yeah, I know it was 🙂

Well, yours truly is feeling a bit under the weather. My oh-so-generous kids and the hubs shared their craptastic cold with me. Lucky me. Normally, I’m the one in the house that gets spared said illnesses, but no such luck this time. Suffice it to say that I feel like my brain has been hollowed out and the empty cavity has been replaced with snot and I sound like I’ve had a 5 pack a day smoking habit since I was five.

Oh yeah, I’m the picture of sexy right now.

But enough with my whining, I’ll live, let us move on to what is really important on this Friday, the introduction!

I’d like to continue on with showing the lovely ladies of Cat O’ Nine Tails some love and today I’d like to introduce you to….

Mauralynn “Maura” Sullivan

This, ladies and gents (yes, I have gents!) is Danielle Panabaker. You may recognize her from both television and movies, most recently in The Crazies and the latest rendition of Friday the 13th as well as a couple of Disney films, Sky High and Read It and Weep.

She is the quintessential Maura, sweet, fresh and innocent.  Maura is someone very special to Aeron, our fair piratess.  I would tell you how, but you will just have to read to find out why 😉

As per usual, these photos, and all of the others can be found on my Facebook, link to the right.  You can also follow me on Twitter and on Goodreads!  You can even just subscribe and have this lovely little blog delivered right to your email inbox!  Woohoo, oh the wonders of technology!!

Stay tuned for next Friday and meet yet another cast member.  Yeah, I’m running out of pretty people to show you, but like I said, I figure out something to do for you on Fridays.  Why?  Because I like you.  Holy Mickey Mouse Club moment Batman! LOL!

Have a great weekend my sprinkly love monkeys!  I’m going to be cheering on my oldest child as he heads to the annual ROTC precision drill competition!

Until next time,

Patty ❤


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