A Letter to Father Time

Dear Father Time,

Here’s the thing. I have a buttload of things to do and I could really use an extra couple three hours in the day to get all my stuff done and still achieve a decent amount of sleep.

What constitutes a “buttload” you may ask? Well, let’s break it down, shall we? This week alone I have to help two 10yr olds with homework, everyday, plus one of them has an additional book report that is due at the end of the week, with project. On top of THAT said 10yr olds have a Girl Scout event on Saturday in which I must construct not one, but TWO Candyland type costumes. Then, the middle child has an appointment this afternoon so my mommy alone time is getting chopped in half, not to mention said appointment is on the other end of town. And then I have to attend an awards ceremony for the oldest child’s ROTC program. Oh and before I do that I have to make sure the two 10yr olds get their homework done before I go because, as much as I love him, their dad is clueless when it comes to the ways of homework. Then on Thursday I have an IEP for one of my kids, in the middle of the day, which is going to cut into everything I need to do that day. OH! And let us not forget that it is Easter week and I somehow have to fit in Easter basket shopping, egg boiling, coloring and hiding. AND this weekend, on top of the Girl Scout Candyland thing (you know, the one I’m making the costumes for) we are having dinner with my folks on Saturday and the hubs’ folks on Sunday.

So you see, Daddy T. (can I call you Daddy T?) I could really use a few more hours because on top of all of that I’m trying to get my book edits done, make dinner, clean my house and all the other good “Suzy Homemaker” type stuff. As you can imagine, sleep has fallen to the wayside.

Okay, so has the house cleaning, but I digress, I needs me some more time Daddy T! In your infinite mastery of all things time and space, can you do me this solid? I could really use it.

Thank you so very much for your consideration!

Love Always,
Patty ❤

P.S. Could you also talk to that wife of yours, Mother Nature and see if maybe she can pick a climate and stick to it for AT LEAST a week? This heater one day, air conditioner the next day business if for the birds.


4 comments on “A Letter to Father Time

  1. Kim says:

    I feel your pain. We are moving in 2 weeks, the to do list is endless!

  2. Tracy says:

    I am so right there with you. We had Relay For Life this past weekend and I’ve got so many things now to catch up on from the last 2 weeks plus all the normal crap. Ugh. Hang in there; we’ve made it through worse stuff, we can get through this, too. 🙂 So, if you figure out how to get that extra few hours from Father Time, pass it on; I could use some too.

    And, where might y’all be moving to?

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