Another Friday Introduction!

Greetings, my crunchy little love monkeys!  It is Friday and you know what that means?

Another Cat O’ Nine Tails cast of characters introduction!!

Now, I know I promised to show you your hunka hunka leading man, and to be honest I half considered showing you some hideous creature and proclaim “April Fools!” but then I remembered how much I despise April Fools foolery.  Not that I don’t enjoy a good practical joke, it’s just so expected on this day.  Nor am I above juvenile behavior, because if you know me at all, you know that that is so NOT the case because I’m really a twelve-year-old boy inside and still cackle like an idiot at good fart humor.

But, I digress, on with the yum yummies!

May I present, Cat O’ Nine Tails leading man….

Orrin Walsh


I should say that I have not clue one who this is.  The picture was sent to me by a friend for something else and I was struck as to how much he looked like Orrin in my head.  Y’all, I have scoured the web, pouring over photo after photo of tasty men in search of this gentleman.  It was rough, tiresome and tedious, but I forged on and suffered through the pages upon pages of men. The things I do for you 😉  Unfortunately, it was to no avail, I couldn’t find him anywhere.  If any of you happen to know who this delectable male specimen is, I would be forever grateful!  Now, on with a little more about the man in question, Orrin.

Orrin Walsh is a ruthless bounty hunter, bent on ridding the world of pirate vermin.  What on earth will happen when he crosses paths with our fair leading lady, the pirate Aeron Lynch?


You know you’re going to have to read Cat O’ Nine Tails to find out right?

I would like to let you know that the pictures that you see here will also be available for your viewing pleasure via my Facebook.  How do you get to my Facebook?  Well, just peek over to the right of your screen and click the little Facbook link.  You are also welcome to subscribe to my fair blog and join me on Twitter and Goodreads as well.

Also, stay tuned and next Friday I will bring you another pretty picture for you to gaze upon.  Who will it be?  Well, I think I know who I’m going to show you, but I haven’t completely decided yet, but it will be pretty, I can promise that much.

Have a fabulous weekend, I for one will be off seeing Wicked with my mom, so I know I will be having a great weekend!!

Behave, my happy little love monkeys, and give Orrin some love, I mean, doesn’t he just beg to be loved?

Until next time!

Patty ❤


2 comments on “Another Friday Introduction!

  1. Holy Smokes Batman! That is a pirate I want to get to know!Thanks for sharing!

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