Sharing The Love!

Hidey ho, my little chocolate covered love monkeys! I hope this Monday has been good to you.

As I patiently await the notes from my editor, I would like to pass on a little love to my fellow authors at Omnific Publishing. There are some seriously talented ladies over there, such as…

Carol Oats
Killian McRae
Jennifer Lane
Jennifer DeLucy
and Victoria Michaels

And many others!

One other, in particular, Hannah Downing has her debut novel, Pieces of Us, coming out April 5th! Congratulations to her! She is a sweet sweet lady who has had the honor of witnessing my snort heard round the world in a tiny viewing room at the Burbank Film Festival. Oh yeah, it echoed something fierce!

But, I digress, until next time my glorious beings of love, check her out and check out all of my other fellow authors over at Omnific Publishing, where romance has no rules 🙂

Patty ❤


2 comments on “Sharing The Love!

  1. carol says:

    You are very sweet to give me a mention. Thank you. I’m curious about the snort. lol.

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