Happy Friday Introductions

Happy Friday my darlings! Were you all good this week?  I know you were 😉

Now, some of you might be wondering to yourself, “Self…Patty keeps talking about this book that she’s getting published.  Praytell, what is this book about?”

I’m so very glad you asked!

Cat O’ Nine Tails is a historical romance novel set in pirate times!  That’s right, pirates!  However, this is not your typical band of pirates, oh no, this particular crew is led by Aeron Lynch, a notorious FEMALE pirate!

Now, that’s all I’m going to tell you about the story for now, but I am going to give you a little peeky-poo at our fair leading lady.  Ladies and the gents that happen to stumble upon my trusty little blog, I would like to introduce you to…

Aeron Lynch

Now, I did not draw this, nor do I know who did.  I found this little gem whilst perusing the Coveroid app on my phone in search of a wallpaper and this popped up.  I swear, it was like someone had reached inside my head, yanked Aeron out and drew her.  She’s even a pirate!  Can you believe that?  It’s like it’s kismet or something.

I should also mention that there is a real life person that also screams Aeron every time I see her.  Some of you may recognize her from the first two Twilight Saga movies or the new ABC show Off The Map, Rachelle Lefevre.

Aeron is a saucy pirate. My homegirl can not only charm a dude out of his drawers and all of his money, but she can also kick the every loving poo out of him, if the mood so struck her. She is 100%, badass chick.

Well, there you have it, Cat O’ Nine Tails leading lady! She means a lot to me, so show her some love for me 🙂

I want you all to stay tuned, because next Friday I’ll introduce you the your hunka hunka leading man. He’s quite yum, if I do say so myself 😉

Have a safe and happy weekend, my darling little love monkeys, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted as to how things are coming along. Until next time!

❤ Patty


17 comments on “Happy Friday Introductions

  1. kimhannigan says:

    Teehee! I am so not surprised your lead role is none other than a sassy red headed bad ass! I cannot wait to hear more about this little gem 😀

  2. Hi Patty! Thanks for the Facebook friendship. Are you publishing your story with Omnific? Have fun with your developmental editor! Jen

  3. BILL says:

    Interesting premise…..

    Blackbeards Castle in the VIRGIN ISLANDS has a large collection of BRONZE statues of pirates. There is one of a female pirate… she seems to be flashing her prey before she shoots him…. (Never been, but I’ve seen pictures…. I’m sure it’s on the web somewhere.)

    • Bill, I swear, you are like a wealth of knowledge. I aspire to your level, my friend! I should also mention that I have seen a picture of her when I was researching the premise of a female pirate. Oh yeah, I do my homework 🙂

  4. carol says:

    Hey, kick butt women are nothing new here in Ireland. We have a long, long history of them. I have no doubt there were many more female pirates than were written about in history. 🙂
    I can absolutely see Rachelle in the part. She would be perfect. Nice job.

  5. ketch1714 says:

    Awesome! Sounds like a great read! Love the sketch!

  6. Stacey says:

    I can’t wait to read your book Patty! So does the “hunk” look anything like Jason 🙂

  7. Tracy says:

    Hell yeah!! Of course she’s badass! Can’t wait to get a glimpse of our leading man, can’t wait to hear more of your journey into the world of book publishing, and sure as hell can’t wait to get my hands on this novel of yours (which I may have to come out to SC to have signed by my lovely little friend herself.)

    • That’s right baby! My leading ladies are no shrinking violets waiting for a man to swoop in and save the day, they kick ass and take names!

      Thank you so much for your support, my friend ❤

  8. Paula says:

    Perfect pic. I can’t wait for the book to come out.

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