Good-bye 30s HELLO 40!

Good Wednesday, my darling little love monkey! Today I say good-bye to my thirties and leap, head first, into the big 4-0.

But that’s not what I want to blog about. Today was also the birthday of an amazing woman, my grandma. She was one of my biggest supporters in life and my best friend. We used to call each other on the phone every day, drink our coffee and chat about anything and everything. One of the things I remember with complete clarity was something she said to me when I was a teenager. I was very much involved in acting at my high school, and fancied myself a budding actress. Grandma, however, said something to me that turned out to be quite prolific. She told me that she thought I should be a writer.

I never really thought much about that until she passed away seven years ago. My mom and I were cleaning out her desk and down in one of the drawers was a copy of everything I’d ever written. And I mean everything, from the silliest little poem to a creative writing assignment story from English class. You see, every time I wrote something, she asked to hear it and wanted a copy of it. I never did understand why she wanted a copy of some goofy little story I’d whipped up for extra credit, but when I saw what was in that drawer I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. She’d actually kept everything, some of the things even had a grade on it because I would just hand it over to her after I got it back from the teacher.

Needless to say, this makes my journey into publication bittersweet, because the first person I wanted to call when I heard I was going to be published.

I know she would have been so ridiculously proud of what I’ve done and I know in my heart that she is somewhere, looking down on me right now with a huge smile.

So, I’d like to say, Happy Birthday Grandma! I miss you more than words can express.

Until next time, my sweet loves!

Patty ❤


Sharing The Love!

Hidey ho, my little chocolate covered love monkeys! I hope this Monday has been good to you.

As I patiently await the notes from my editor, I would like to pass on a little love to my fellow authors at Omnific Publishing. There are some seriously talented ladies over there, such as…

Carol Oats
Killian McRae
Jennifer Lane
Jennifer DeLucy
and Victoria Michaels

And many others!

One other, in particular, Hannah Downing has her debut novel, Pieces of Us, coming out April 5th! Congratulations to her! She is a sweet sweet lady who has had the honor of witnessing my snort heard round the world in a tiny viewing room at the Burbank Film Festival. Oh yeah, it echoed something fierce!

But, I digress, until next time my glorious beings of love, check her out and check out all of my other fellow authors over at Omnific Publishing, where romance has no rules 🙂

Patty ❤

Happy Friday Introductions

Happy Friday my darlings! Were you all good this week?  I know you were 😉

Now, some of you might be wondering to yourself, “Self…Patty keeps talking about this book that she’s getting published.  Praytell, what is this book about?”

I’m so very glad you asked!

Cat O’ Nine Tails is a historical romance novel set in pirate times!  That’s right, pirates!  However, this is not your typical band of pirates, oh no, this particular crew is led by Aeron Lynch, a notorious FEMALE pirate!

Now, that’s all I’m going to tell you about the story for now, but I am going to give you a little peeky-poo at our fair leading lady.  Ladies and the gents that happen to stumble upon my trusty little blog, I would like to introduce you to…

Aeron Lynch

Now, I did not draw this, nor do I know who did.  I found this little gem whilst perusing the Coveroid app on my phone in search of a wallpaper and this popped up.  I swear, it was like someone had reached inside my head, yanked Aeron out and drew her.  She’s even a pirate!  Can you believe that?  It’s like it’s kismet or something.

I should also mention that there is a real life person that also screams Aeron every time I see her.  Some of you may recognize her from the first two Twilight Saga movies or the new ABC show Off The Map, Rachelle Lefevre.

Aeron is a saucy pirate. My homegirl can not only charm a dude out of his drawers and all of his money, but she can also kick the every loving poo out of him, if the mood so struck her. She is 100%, badass chick.

Well, there you have it, Cat O’ Nine Tails leading lady! She means a lot to me, so show her some love for me 🙂

I want you all to stay tuned, because next Friday I’ll introduce you the your hunka hunka leading man. He’s quite yum, if I do say so myself 😉

Have a safe and happy weekend, my darling little love monkeys, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted as to how things are coming along. Until next time!

❤ Patty

Good News!!

Get ready my lovlies, we have a release timeframe!!

That’s right, good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, my book will be available late summer 2011!  We’re shooting for August so keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and we can keep with that.  But, you know, things happen that are beyond the control of the average human being so while there is a specific date, we’re going to be keeping that under our hats for now.

I’m excited beyond excitedness!!

Until next time, my little love monkeys, stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for an introduction to our leading lady in the near future.

Let the Games BEGIN!!

So, the process of publishing has officially begun! I have been contacted by my marketing associate and my developmental editor to begin working with them. They are my team! 


Now mind you, I’m a realist and I know this is going to be a lot of hard work but I’m so ready for it and so excited to move onto the next step of this journey that I can taste it! Besides…


*jumpy claps*

Signed, Sealed & Delivered!

The journey to publication can now officially begin!

I have signed my publishing contract, sent off an electronic copy and the hard copy has been mailed.

Thanks to the wonderful world of certified mail and technology I also know that my hard copy has reached its destination safely.  Now comes the fun part, waiting for the editor to contact me to get to work.  I may or may not be obsessively checking my email every 5-10 minutes on my phone, just to make sure I didn’t miss the obnoxiously loud ringtone that is assigned to my email notification.  I may or may not also be checking my email on the computer just to make sure my phone is having a “phone moment” and not sharing the email notification with me.  It does that sometimes you know. 

Other than that I have absolutely no idea what the next step is, but I can honestly say that I am 133% excited for whatever it may be!!

Until next time *MWAH*

PS, every time I say the words “my book” I may or may not giggle like a complete idiot.